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You Paid For It: Jefferson County officials sue for pay raise

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – The You Paid For It Team is questioning a lawsuit filed by officials in Jefferson County to get an increase in their pay.

The officials claimed the county charter intended for them to get paychecks commiserate with the highest amount paid to people in similar offices in other counties.

There are 13 officials, past and present, listed in the lawsuit. Four are current office holders, including Jefferson County Executive Ken Waller.

Waller, who makes $81,000 a year, would see his pay rise to $93,000 if they win the lawsuit.

Most of the Officials in the lawsuit don't even work for Jefferson County anymore. The Majority of them are long gone. Only for are still there.

Jefferson County has already set aside $1.2 million in the budget just in case officials win the lawsuit. Taxpayers have already shelled out $12,000 on lawyers defending against the lawsuit by their own officials.

Waller said he's just not sure what taxpayers’ eventual legal tab will be.

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