Suspect in high speed crash has long criminal history

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HILLSDALE, MO (KTVI) – The man accused of leading police on a dangerous police chase in St. Ann last summer is accused of doing it again Monday night.

Savon Durphey, 23, of Overland, was jailed on a charge of resisting arrest by fleeing.

According to police, Durphey caused a four-vehicle crash at Natural Bridge and Clara in north St. Louis, police said, after a brief pursuit that started in Hillsdale, just outside the city limits.

His car may be connected to other violent crimes, police said.

“It’s a very known car to other agencies as well,” said Hillsdale Police Chief Herb Simmons.

The car Durphey was driving, a black Cadillac, came off of Bailey Place in Hillsdale, a street with multiple recent police calls for “shots fired,” police said. A man was shot to death on the same street last month.

When a Hillsdale officer tried to pull Durphey over for multiple violations—including speeding—Durphey raced north on Kienlen, then east on Natural Bridge into the City of St. Louis, police said. The officer pulled off the pursuit just before the Durphey went through the Goodfellow intersection and disappeared over the crest of a bridge; moments later, the officer heard the crash, police said.

“As the officer approached the bridge embankment there, he heard a loud noise. As he crested over the hill, he observed the accident,” Simmons said. “We’ve dealt with this car in the past for multiple cases with weapons charges and effects to that nature.”

A woman in one of the others was injured and remains hospitalized in intensive care. Durphey may face additional charges related to her injuries.

As for that St. Ann case, he's also accused of leading police on a chase while driving without a license, in a stolen pickup truck, at speeds of more than 100 miles-an-hour, even going the wrong way on Interstate 70. Durphey was charged only with traffic offenses, no felonies, in that case.