Professor trolls class with hilarious extra credit questions

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A mystery professor is going viral after pictures of extra credit questions were posted to social media. Imgur user SharkyTheSharkDog shared photos of the exams. Now the questions are going viral again on the image sharing site.

Most of the questions are difficult and answers are amusing. But the last question borders on public humiliation. I wonder if anyone fell for it? Don’t read too quickly class


Describe the dumbest conversation you overheard recently.

Guy: Do you like Bon Jovi?
Girl: No thanks, I don’t eat Italian Food.

What color pants does Jake from State Farm wear?

How many seasons was Full House on the air?

Including The Revenant, how many times has Leo DiCaprio been nominated for an academy award?

This one’s a true test of your patience:


First person to read this, stand up proudly on your chair, and yell at the top of your lungs, ‘Oh Captain, My Captain!’ will receive a 95% on this exam


*Just kidding. Name the drummer for The Beatles.

via Mashable