Shoplifter accused of making repeat trips to golfing store for expensive putters, drivers

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – A man who made repeated trips to steal high-end golf clubs likely resold the sporting equipment for profit, Chesterfield police said.

“I would imagine they’d have to be an easy sell, for him to come back two days apart, to commit the same crime,” Chesterfield Police Detective Robert Powell said.

Powell said Christopher Ottensmeyer, 41, stole putters, drivers, and other items from the Golf Galaxy store on THF Boulevard in early 2017. Ottensmeyer was charged this week with two counts of felony stealing.

Police said Ottensmeyer and a female companion entered the store in February. The woman selected three drivers and took them to the front of the store. The items were placed against clothing for sale.

A short time later, Ottensmeyer walked out of the store with the stolen drivers totaling more than $1,400. Two days later, the same pair entered the store, Det. Powell said, and stole putters valued at nearly $800.

Store management became aware of the incident from surveillance footage. Chesterfield police issued a ‘wanted’ alert for Ottensmeyer after employees at the store were able to note the getaway vehicle.

“The big break was the license plate that tracked back to him,” Powell said. “It made our jobs a lot easier at that point, once we were able to look at a photo from his driver’s license.”

Det. Powell said Ottensmeyer refused to make a statement.

Police were unable to identify the female companion seen walking through the store with Ottensmeyer. Det. Powell said it is plausible the stolen golf gear was being sold on the black market.

“It seems like everything these days has good resale; be it golfing items, clothing, jewelry. It seems like everything is fair game. And everything has a market for it,” Powell said.