Blind couple wakes up to find bed on fire; save grandchildren

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) - A blind couple living in St. Ann woke up to find their bed on fire. They rushed to move their grandchildren to safety. Firefighters said the cause is still under investigation.

Dwain Jackson won’t forget what happened Monday.  He says, “She woke up and she was on fire; her left arm was on fire.”

Jackson was talking about his wife Titania Dunn. She is legally blind. He is blind in one eye and has glaucoma in the other. They both woke up in their home to find their bedroom on fire.

“It’s hard it’s a lot of harder your line of sight not only that smoke you can’t see nothing and you have to feel your way around its hard.”  Titania Dunn said, “Luckily everybody just got out.” said Jackson.

No one was seriously injured but all their possessions inside the rental house were ruined and they don’t have renter’s insurance.

“It just went up so quickly that we did not have time to put it out. We tried to put it out, but it just spread so fast,” said Jackson.

“When somebody is losing everything in the world that belongs to them and all you can offer them is a glass of ice water it breaks your heart,” said neighbor Kimberly Elliott.

Elliott began spreading the word about her neighbors’ plight. Already, complete strangers in St. Ann have been responding with help.

“It is an absolutely wonderful community people just want to help each other,” added Elliott.

Titania Dunn said, “I want to thank everybody who’s helping out especially my neighbors cause they was a big help.”

Someone who doesn’t know the couple dropped off $100 cash. The American Red Cross put the family up in a motel Monday night and there was discussion about starting a Go Fund Me Account.