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Moyo the baby black rhino growing rapidly two weeks after being born

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - They’re speaking his name on Spanish television and other European outlets as well, as video of Moyo, the St. Louis Zoo’s newborn black rhinoceros, has spread across the world.

“That (name) is Swahili for ‘heart’ or ‘courage’ and we think that fits him very well, if you’ve seen any of our videos,” says Liz Irwin, River’s Edge keeper.

Gaining 8 pounds a day, this critically endangered black rhinoceros is the offspring of dad Adjabu, a 13-year-old, and mom Katie Rain, who is still keeping a low profile.

“He was born on 5/17 at 17:17 in the evening, which is really cool I think,” says Irwin. “He weighed 130 pounds on his sixth day and we trained him to get onto the scale using positive reinforcement.”

There's a lot riding on this one of a kind wonder named Moyo.

“There’s only about 5,000 left of them in the entire world,” says Irwin. “So his being born is an incredible feat and he is number 60 in the US AZA accredited zoos. There’s only a handful of breeding females in the United States so for him to be born is absolutely awesome.”

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