Father charged after Las Vegas tip leads to decomposed body of Metro East child

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – A woman sought refuge at a women's shelter in Las Vegas, and told authorities her husband forced her into prostitution, abused their children, and killed their young daughter.

This information led St. Clair County authorities to a vacant home in Centreville Tuesday morning (June 6) where the body of a child was discovered in a bin inside the detached garage. Investigators said the body of the child found in the garage was so badly decomposed, they could not immediately determine whether the victim was a boy or a girl.

Jason Quate, 34, is in police custody in Las Vegas charged with sex trafficking of an adult and accepting or receiving earnings of a prostitute.

The woman told investigators in Las Vegas, where the family now lives, the girl was killed in Belleville in 2015, and her body was left in the Centreville garage. The woman said Quate killed the girl during an altercation, then put her body in the container.

The woman told police her husband forced her into prostitution after the family moved to Las Vegas two years ago.

Authorities said there were two other surviving children in Las Vegas, both in their early teens, who are now in protective custody after showing signs of abuse. The woman told police her husband kept her in a separate room from her children and wouldn`t let them speak. She said the children were not allowed to leave the house even to go to school.

An autopsy on the child's body found in Centreville is scheduled for later this week. Las Vegas police said it will be up to St. Clair County authorities to file charges relating to the child's death. Due to the pending autopsy, St. Clair County authorities report the investigation is ongoing.