Father of child found decomposed in Centreville garage, denies killing his daughter

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BELLEVILLE, IL - The man accused of forcing his wife into prostitution after killing his 6-year-old daughter and dumping her body in a garage in Centreville says none of that is true.

During an interview from jail in Las Vegas Jason Quate said that it was his wife’s idea to move to Vegas and become a prostitute.

Quate also claimed that he never killed his daughter. He said in 2013 his wife told him that she had found a family to adopt their youngest daughter.

Quate’s wife alerted authorities about the body on June 5th after she sought refuge at a women’s shelter.

According to Las Vegas police Quate`s two other children were found in the couple`s home in Vegas where they had obvious physical signs of abuse and had not been allowed to leave the house.

On Wednesday detectives searched the couple’s home in Belleville where they lived until 2015. Detectives believe that is most likely where the young girl was killed.

Neighbors said they knew the couple had kids but they were never allowed anyone to see them.

One neighbor said it was Quate’s wife that worried her. She said she would get angry very easily.

That neighbor also said that the couple never owned a car so she can’t figure out how the body got from their house in Belleville to Centreville.

Quate has not been charged in the death of his daughter. The remains were so badly decomposed they could not immediately determine whether the victim was a boy or a girl. An autopsy is scheduled for later this month.