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Cardinal Nation reacts to team shake-up

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – At this point in the season, Cardinals fans were ready for the team to try something different—anything, really—to get some wins.

“I think something needs to be done. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t; time will tell,” said fan Dennis Frazier.

Seven losses in a row have not taken the wind out of the sails of Cardinals fans, though.

“We just have to have their back as fans; never give up on them, they’ve never given up on us,” said David Kerr.

Despite losing 17 of the last 22 games, the fan base is keeping hope alive.

“I’ve got Cardinal blood in me and it will be in there forever. I’ll never lose hope,” said fan Brian Billings.

Nick South and his buddies traveled 4,000 miles, all the way from Wales, to watch the Cardinals play on Friday. They’ve been backing the Redbirds since the 2011 World Series. It’s Nick’s third trip to St. Louis.

“We’re hoping this is the end of the slump and they turn everything around,” South said.

Still, it’s not a blind allegiance. Fans are glad changes are being made.

“I think anything will help right now. I think it will be good to shake it up a little,” said fan Madelyn Frazier.

A lot of folks are hoping for a Cardinal turnaround, in particular the ticket scalpers. The pregame entrepreneurs said poor play on the field hurts tickets prices and they don’t make as much money.


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