Missouri Civil War Museum wants to take ownership of Confederate Memorial

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ST. LOUIS - The Missouri Civil War Museum wants the controversial Confederate Memorial from Forest Park. However, the city says they won’t get it.

Mark Trout, founder and CEO of the Missouri Civil War Museum, says they are the best option to take control of the Confederate monument, but the city won’t allow them.

“We're simply asking them to turn it over to full ownership of Missouri Civil War Museum and we will protect it and preserve it and find an appropriate place for in the future for it,” Trout said.

That’s where the problem lies. Koran Addo, chief of staff for St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson, says they will not allow anyone to take total ownership of the monument without allowing the city a say in how it's displayed in future.

"We need to make sure that the monument will never be displayed in a way that celebrates the Confederacy. We want it to show accurate history," Addo said.

Addo adds that they are not saying the Missouri Civil War Museum would do that. By the end of the week, Mayor Krewson will make an announcement on the future of the monument but for now its headed to storage.

"Political figures have been saying throughout our nation for years that these things need to be in an appropriate site under appropriate control of museums,” Trout said.

The museum is home to a beautiful Abraham Lincoln statue and recently won a national award for their impartial and balanced presentation of the U.S. Civil War.

“Whether it’s a building, musket, saber, uniform or monument, if it relates to Civil War, especially in Missouri, that’s our mission to save it,” Trout said.

The city estimates it will cost $130,000 to remove and store the monument. The Missouri Civil War Museum is raising the funds but says they would need to have full ownership rights to remove it from city.

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