100-year-old coloring book found at the Missouri Botanical Garden

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ST. LOUIS – Another great attraction for St. Louis is the Missouri Botanical Garden. But a recent discovery has made what’s old, is new again.

It was research for another project that led Amy Pool to discover a book on botany that described another book.

Amy Pool, a Curatorial Assistant Missouri Botanical Garden, “And I was consulting this book.”

The author mentions Robert Sayer`s the Florist with a date of 1760.

So, she started perusing the periodicals and went into the archives at the peter raven library at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

The library has over 500,000 book in 80 different languages.

But the copy of the florist she found was unique for its perspective.

“And I thought, hmm.  Sounds like a coloring book.”

That`s exactly what it is.

Preserved in the Missouri Botanical Garden library collection the book made in London in the 18th century describes plants, their natural pigments and how they should be given color.

“It`s interesting that people in 1760 were interested in coloring, who knew?”

Yes, everything old is new again.