Car inspection chaos in Missouri; businesses say state hasn’t sent proper equipment

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O’FALLON, MO – There is a major problem in Missouri regarding car safety and emissions tests.

Scott Woodliff, who owns United Car Care in O’Fallon, said his business hasn’t been able to perform any inspections since last week because the tablet-based vehicle inspection program they have to use isn’t working.

his family opened it in 1972. he says business is good. however, they

“I have no idea what’s causing the glitch. My machine will not allow me to use my fingerprint and turn on,” Woodliff said.

Worldwide Environmental Products—a private, California-based company—was awarded the contract with the state of Missouri and Department of Natural Resources for the Gateway Vehicle Inspection program in September 2016, but several business said there’s a major problem in the switch over.

“Every time they have a change over, there’s some kind of delay or mix-up that causes things not to work right and that’s what we’re experiencing now,” Woodliff said.

They’re not alone. But it’s not the only issue.

Tim Dodge of Highway 30 Towing and Repair said several businesses like his haven’t even received the new equipment. He said many stations are losing money and employees can’t drive on expired tags.

“I have contacted Worldwide three or four times, today and twice yesterday. I have no call back yet,” Dodge said.

Fox 2 News reached out to Worldwide Environmental Products on two occasions Tuesday. Our news crew waited for approximately 20 minutes, but each time they called, they waited for 20 minutes each time to speak with someone but got no one.

Opus Inspection was the state’s previous contractor. They turned their machines off at midnight Friday. That was well after the time they needed to and, according to business owners, Worldwide was not ready to go.

“My main advice is to call the place you’re going to have inspect your vehicle before you show up,” Woodliff said. “That way you'll know if they are able to perform inspection or not.”

If you are a licensed inspection station that is unable to perform inspections or has had problems you can join lawsuit. If you are interested, you can contact Tim Dodge of Highway 30 Towing and Repair.