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Dave Murray’s Latest STL forecast and weather disco…FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017:

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Dave Murray’s Latest STL forecast and weather disco…FRIDAY JUNE 16, 2017:
The Summer weather pattern will stay in place into Sunday morning…so the main features will continue to be heat and humidity…as the first heat wave of summer continues. With the soup we still think about thunderstorms and timing in this air mass is rather complex without anything to really grab on to…but that has never stopped me…here’s what I’m thinking for the best shot of scattered storms…and in these time frames…storms could be strong to severe:
1. Mid to late afternoon Friday and into Friday evening.
2. Late, late Friday night into early Saturday morning.
3. Saturday evening into early Sunday morning.

There will be a cool front rolling in on Sunday and opens the door to slightly cooler and drier air…especially late Sunday, Sunday night and into early next week…light at the end of the tunnel

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