5 ways to play injury free this golfing season

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ST. LOUIS_ Even if you don`t follow golf regularly, with the recent Tiger Woods incident, there has been a lot of talk on TV and social media about how multiple injuries can lead to surgeries and prescription pain pill use. The question then becomes what are ways to decrease the chances of these injuries?

Dr. Alex Vidan shares five ways to play injury free this golfing season.

5 ways to play injury free this golfing season:

1. Warm up – take a brisk 10 minute walk to get your body ready to play
2. Stretch shoulders, chest, low back and legs prior to play – simple static stretching can offer big gains in injury prevention
3. Hydrate – even a small muscle cramp can alter your swing which can lead to a larger injury effecting the rest of your golf season. Drinking plenty of water and stretching can decrease your chances of muscle cramping on the course.
4. Swing the other way – on the course take a moment to lightly swing the opposite direction than you typically swing. In golf, you only swing in one direction making all of your muscles work only in one direction.
5. Cross train – lifting weights, running, biking, yoga, swimming, etc can help you increase your strength and stamina for the course and long-term play.

Follow these 5 points and you`ll keep the injuries down and out on the course more.

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