Chance meeting helps St. Louis woman to lose 100lbs; transform life

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ST. LOUIS — Sarah Anglin, of south St. Louis County, was fed up with life. Suffering a series of personal losses, including the sudden death of her mother at age 56 in 2010, she wasn’t sure which way to turn.

“I was tired of living each day without any sense of purpose or mission. I was really close to my mom, and her death really knocked me down,” Anglin said.

This loss coupled with a tendency to please others rocketed her weight upward. “I started working for Outback Steakhouse as just a server. As soon as I started, I made it my total focus and was getting promotion after promotion,” Sarah said. This would come with a heavy toll however. “I made it my life. I would cook food for all of the staff, and pretty much every aspect of my life became food.”

A decade after she started as an employee, she was at her heaviest weight ever, paradoxically at her professional peak too in the company, or so she thought. “I became the proprietor of the South Lindbergh restaurant. I got to the top but I found I wasn’t any happier. It just felt like something was missing in my life, and I kept trying to fill that space with food,” Anglin recounts.

One of the restaurants patron’s is a weight loss coach. A chance meeting would change her life.

“He came in alone one evening for dinner. I came by to check on his meal, as I did for all guests. I opened up to him and we talked about the forces behind my weight issue. I felt it was one of those ‘meant to be’ conversations,” said Anglin.

Sarah thought that working at a restaurant would making losing weight even harder.

“I only saw the bad choices surrounding me, but with this I’ve come to realize there are just as many healthy ones…we all see what we look for” Sarah said.

Anglin started by eating six small meals a day and working out on a treadmill. She would check in with weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo every couple of weeks for support.

“I stopped using food like a drug. The biggest shift I made in this whole thing wasn’t just on my plate, but in my head. Raising my standard in my health changed everything. I decided I wasn’t going to tolerate anything less than my best in all areas of my life from then on. As I started living healthier, I started to enjoy my life. I always knew what I should be doing, but needed to learn how to stop the pattern of sabotaging myself.”

Like most of us, she said there were times she didn’t feel like it. “Managing a restaurant comes with more problems than you can imagine. When someone doesn’t show up, you have to step up yourself. I had to learn to set boundaries for myself and start living life for me.”

Anglin has made that her mantra, tagging most of all her social media posts with hashtag “#doingthisforme“.

This change in philosophy would pay off as Anglin rapidly lost the fat. “In the first month I lost 20lbs. For the first I time I knew I could do it. Being overweight dictated and limited most everything I would or could do. Now, almost 100 lbs lighter, I’m thinking about hiking and I will be doing a half marathon in Columbia, MO.” These physical changes would give her the courage to make even more dramatic ones in her life.

“I wanted to be a nurse as far back as I can remember, but my weight kept me from focusing on my life mission. I started partying in college and I didn’t think about how my choices had a longterm impact. Instead of going for my passion in nursing, I got a degree in hospitality management. When I made the decision to do lose weight, everything changed. I started to think more about my future than focus on my past,” Sarah said. “This past Spring I stepped out in faith and resigned from Outback, without any real income to back it up. I enrolled in nursing school, got accepted, and am now pursuing my dream while working part time. I want to be a force for good for the women who struggle like my mom and I had,” Sarah said.

As for her advice to others facing the battle of the bulge? “The biggest thing that I have to say is make time for yourself, put yourself as a priority. By doing that, you not only improve yourself, but you bring so much more to everyone else in your life that matters.”

Want help losing weight? Contact weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo here.

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