Illinois State Police conducting more patrols through the summer

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ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL – From now until the end of the summer, Illinois State Police will be out doing extra patrols. The designated crews will focus on distracted driving, speeding violations, DUIs, and more; other full-time troopers will handle accidents.

Officials say since June 1, the summer crews issued more than 60 tickets for distracted driving, 127 for no seat belt, and 285 speeding tickets. Trooper Calvin Dye Jr. says drivers should be more vigilant.

"Unfortunately, people don’t want to put the phones down, wear the seat belt, and move over for emergency vehicles,” Dye said. “The only way we can combat that is through enforcement, so we've been writing a lot of tickets and warnings for people.”

The Illinois Department of Transportation provided the funding for the summer patrols through a federal grant. Officials add St. Clair County is only second to Cook County when it comes to the number of crashes and calls for service in the state of Illinois.

Distracted driving tickets range from $120 to $250 and a court date. If you’re caught speeding in a work zone, fines start at $375 and can go up to $475 per ticket.

"There's a big misconception; a lot of people think if there are no workers out there it does not apply. It applies around the clock,” Dye said.