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Roofers mistakenly remove roof off a couple’s home

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Update:  The roofing company has contacted the McInnis's and is stepping up to repair the damage.

ST. LOUIS - An apparent roofing mistake has come at the worst possible time for Chris and Laura McInnis. The south St. Louis couple is in the process of selling their home on Rosa Ave. They’ve already moved out of town and were shocked when neighbors messaged them with news that roofers ripped up their shingles and covered the gaps with a blue tarp.

“Someone had come to our house, by mistake we think and started tearing down our roof for about an hour and quickly realized they had the wrong house and booked it out of there leaving a huge pile of trash next to hour house,” said Laura McInnis.

Neighbors sent the couple photos of the piles of trash roofers left behind.  One neighbor was able to grab an image of a blue van neighbors say the workers were using.  The image was shared with police and neighbors are trying to identify the roofers.   They have a few leads but no resolution.

“Things happen.  The wrong roof gets worked on but we expect the people responsible, whether it’s the people who did this or the people who employed them to do it, to make it right,” said Chris McInnis.

The mess is especially difficult for the couple to resolve because they are miles from the home and have just days before the new homeowner will close on the deal.

“That makes us responsible for the damage because we are still technically the owners of the house even though we’ve moved out of it,” said Laura McInnis.

The couple praised neighbors and family members for their support and hope the roofers will be identified and will make good on their mistake.

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