Friends play 100 holes for golf to help a child with cerebral palsy

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ST. LOUIS – You may not think of golf as a marathon but Monday it is for a very special cause.You`ll have to forgive Scott Thomas for feeling a little déjà vu in Forest Park Monday afternoon.

This is hole number 72 so we`ve finished.  This is our 8th loop of the 9-hole course.

That`s right since sun up Thomas and friends have been swinging and swinging and putting over and over and over again.

And they`re not using any golf carts on their mission to play 100 holes of golf.

“I would love to be in those but the whole purpose of this is the 100-hole hike.  It`s the physical challenge of walking.  Golf is a sport that is enjoyed when it`s walking and enjoyed when it`s in a cart.  But Charlie is trying to walk and it seems silly for us to be in modernized carts when we`re trying to raise awareness for him and his ability to walk again.”

Sure, a hole in one would be nice, but Scott Thomas and friends are driven by something else.

Through pledges, the persistent players are hoping to help raise the $130,000 for the Farragher family from England.

Their son Charlie has cerebral palsy and in need of a surgery at St. Louis Children`s Hospital to be able to walk.

The Hawthorne Course at Forest Park is where Thomas and friends will continue to drive for show and put for dough for a little boy, even if they might get a little déjà vu down the hill from the Art Museum.

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