40-pound carp caught in St. Francis River

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Holt Horrell holds up the albino big head carp. (KFVS via Gary Horrell)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO – A Cape Girardeau man will soon have an incredible conversation starter hanging in his home after his boss was unsure what to do with a recent large catch.

Holt Horrell said his boss, Jordan Porter, was bowfishing on the St. Francis River when he landed a 40-plus pound albino big head carp.

Horrell said his boss spent a week searching for the carp before finally catching it. Porter apparently didn’t want the fish, so Horrell took it off his hands.

The fish weighed approximately 40.7 pounds, with a girth of 30 inches, and measured 41.5 inches in length, Horrell said.

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