Webster Groves residents already reserving spots to view 4th of July parade

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO – A week before 4th of July some people in Webster Groves already have their chairs lined up for the parade.

People who live along the parade route said it is common for people to set up chairs and claim their spots, but this is the earliest they have ever seen it happen.

Saturday night, 10 days before the 4th of July parade neighbors spotted four chairs set up right at the beginning of the route.

Flo Ryan has lived along the Webster parade route for 30 years and says within the last five years or so people have really started claiming their spots days in advance.

“I expect it to pick up in the next couple of days too probably all of the way down Lockwood,” said Ryan.

Even the Webster police department got in on the tradition posting on their Facebook page that “Chair watch 2017 has begun.” Police said the chairs are not a problem if they are not blocking the sidewalk.