Imo’s driver gets his car back, after escapee is captured

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ST. LOUIS - Escaped Prisoner Bruce Brutsman is back in police custody after leading authorities on a 4-day manhunt. The delivery driver whose car Brutsman stole picked it up Wednesday.

Scott Richie works at the Imo’s on South Hampton. This is the second time someone stole his car, but he said he’s counting his blessings because at least it’s not wrecked.

“Don’t look like anything is too messed up,” Richie said.

Scott Richie breathed a sigh of relief after noticing escaped Prisoner Bruce Brutsman caused minor damage to his 1997 Toyota Tercel.

“Well, he went through everything,” he said while looking through his car.

Last Saturday, Imo’s Pizza surveillance cameras caught Brutsman stealing the delivery driver’s car after he escaped from St. Mary’s Hospital.

Moments later Richie and his co-worker, Robert Cartwright, were seen attempting to save his car.

“I thought for a second he was going to run me over,” he said.

While investigators continued to search for Brutsman, Richie said he’s been left wondering if his car was going to be returned in one piece.

“I thought it was gone!” he said. “I thought by now he’s out of state. I just figured it was gone!”

This morning, to Richie’s surprise police told him they found his car abandoned at a North City gas station.

“The car was here for like two days or three days and we call the police,” a clerk at the gas station said.

Authorities later found Brutsman miles away at a trailer park in Festus.

Richie said it appears the prisoner stole his jumper cables and ram shacked everything else.

“It looks like he just grabbed everything in there and scattered it!” Richie said.

And now after a little hope and quick battery jump, Richie is back on the streets and ready to get back to work.

“It’s still kind of in bad shape,” he said. “But I’m very happy! It’s at least running, I can get it home and possibly even keep it!”

Officer Benjamin Granda said there is no words on any additional charges on Brutsman now that he’s in custody.

He said we’ll have to wait and see what the prosecuting attorney office does tomorrow.

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