Police investigate overnight violence in Hazelwood

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HAZELWOOD, MO – Violent times overnight in Hazelwood have kept police busy Wednesday. There was a shooting, a home invasion, stolen cars, and a chase. One person was taken into custody, though it’s unclear how many more suspects might be involved in these crimes.

The victims interviewed in this story declined to be identified.

“Then he brought out a gun. I was like, ‘Oh my God; I was freaking out,’” said one 59-year-old female crime victim.

Ville Angela Lane turned violent around 2 a.m. Wednesday. The woman said she was walking her brother-in-law to his car at her home when said they were attacked by three suspects.

“He demanded the keys to the house. ‘Gimme the keys to the house, gimme the keys to the house,’” she said.

When they said no, the brother-in-law was shot in both legs. His wife said he was seriously injured.

“The bullet fractured his femur and he’s got to have pins put in and he’s having surgery right now, so I don’t know if he’ll ever walk again,” she said.

The homeowner ran inside her house to call 911, but the suspects didn’t give up.

“They ended up kicking and breaking the door in,” she said. “And they had their hands in and with all my might trying to keep them out I got 911 on the phone, I’m screaming and screaming; it’s like oh my God I can’t believe this is happening.”

The men fled in the shooting victim’s car, but police spotted them and began a pursuit. The suspects abandoned the vehicle near Natural Bridge and Interstate 170; one suspect was apprehended by police.

“I’m just in shock,” said the wife of the shooting victim. “I just can’t believe it happened.”

Police were checking to determine if all the different crimes were related to two cars stolen at gunpoint from a man and woman in the 5400 block of Forest Creek at a Hazelwood apartment complex around the same time. It’s not far from where the man was shot.

The woman who owned the home said neighbors told her the suspects stopped at their house first, apparently nothing criminal occurred.

Police said the shooting victim was expected to survive.

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