Water conservation order in Wentzville lifted

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WENTZVILLE, MO – A water conservation order was lifted at 9 pm Wednesday night for Wentzville and surrounding areas after three days.

Electronic signs had been posted around town, reading “Conserve water required; no lawn watering.”

Parched shrubs dried grass may have given parts of town more of an Arizona feel.

The mandatory conservation order went out early Monday evening for about 50,000 homes and businesses in Wentzville and the surrounding service area in St. Charles and Warren counties during the repair of a leak in a massive water transmission line in Weldon Spring.

People were supposed to stop watering their lawns, washing their cars, and doing laundry.

Residents, Rich and Barb Rodakowski, were complying but hoping the end was near Wednesday afternoon.

“[The plants] don’t look too bad because we’ve had the cool weather.  So that helped,” Barb said.

“If the weather would have stayed 90 during that time or higher we would have lost a few,” Rich said.

The last of the heavy equipment pulled off the repair site this afternoon.

It was a 36” transmission line.

Wentzville allowed “water” based businesses like car washes to stay open.

Even so, usage there had gone down an estimated 40%.

“A lot of it is the lawn watering,” said Wentzville Public Works Director, Sue Spiegel.

“When you ask them to cut down on the lawn watering it goes down pretty significantly…I’m sure people want to know how much longer, yeah.”

Water going through that repaired line had to test "safe" before the line could be reopened to replenish Wentzville's storage tanks.

The conservation order was put into place to keep those tanks from going too low.

Water remained safe for drinking and bathing throughout the three days.  No “boil orders” were issued.

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