Car crashes after shots fired in downtown St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS_  Bullets fly overnight in downtown St. Louis and an innocent bystander is caught in the line of fire. This morning, she is recovering and police are looking for suspects.

The woman was not hit by any bullets but her car was struck and she was understandably shaken up at the scene.

The woman`s Maserati was struck by a bullet which she was south Broadway approaching Cole near the Dome.

Police say the whole episode started about 1 a.m. around the Landing. Authorities say the bystander told the officers she heard shots fired and then saw two vehicles speed away. One of the cars was a black Dodge Ram and the other was some sort of white vehicle.

Police say the Dodge Ram side-swiped the woman`s car causing her to wreck.

There is a bullet hole in the hood of the woman`s Maserati. At this point, police have no description on any suspects and it does not appear that anyone was seriously hurt.

It`s also unclear if the shots came from the vehicles that sped away from the area.

The case is being treated as an assault first because of the bullet hole in the woman`s car.