Lebanon, Illinois girl organizes yard sale to pay for dying sister’s funeral

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LEBANON, IL – The yard sale sign sits on the kitchen table, a reminder that the upcoming garage sale is growing in scale.

“I’m doing a yard sale and bake sale and lemonade stand just to get some money in,” says Elizabeth Cook. “Because funerals cost a lot.”

“We’re just an average family,” says Victoria Cook, Elizabeth’s mother. “We don’t have that kind of money laying around. When we found out it would be $10,000 to $12,000, it was immediately stressful.”

For the last few years, the Cook family had been helping 11-year-old Katherine in her battle with brain cancer. The terminal illness sparked her sister to step forward.

“So Elizabeth stepped up and said, ‘I’d like to do this yard sale for her and ‘Yeah, it’s my sister and I want her to have a good one,’” says Victoria. “So we wanted to get some donations and I’ve got a friend who is going to do a bake sale and every little bit is going to help.”

By Friday afternoon, word had already spread about the Saturday yard sale in Lebanon for Katherine, Elizabeth’s sister.

“There’s a lot more people coming by today,” says Elizabeth. “We have people dropping off furniture. So we have to clean out the garage and put stuff in the basement so there’s room for the furniture.”