Thieves steal fireworks, drive car into store manager while escaping

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WEST ALTON, MO – Thieves shoplifted hundreds of dollars worth of fireworks from a business in West Alton. They made their escape by driving their car into one of the workers who tried to stop them.

“I saw the rockets up in the air flying out the front door with a group of people,” said Ken Green, manager of Fireworks City.

The incident unfolded Thursday around 7 p.m.

Green said four men loaded up several baskets with close to $600 of fireworks and then ran for the door.

“Anybody that steals is a bum; the lowest form there is,” Green said.

The suspects jumped into their car and tried to drive off. Green, 67, tried to stop the thieves by standing in front of their car, but they kept driving and he was thrown to the gravel.

“It hurt pretty good; scraped up a lot of blood,” he said.

Green said he won’t do that again. His family has strongly advised him against it.

“No sympathy from my wife and my kids were not happy with me,” he said.

Just down the road, the family that runs Captain Jim’s Fireworks is sympathetic to Green’s plight.

Erika Meyers said, “It’s very upsetting it’s not worth that for fireworks,” said Erika Meyers, a co-owner of the fireworks store.

She said the stand already has security and will add even more guards.

“We’ll increase security for this weekend for sure especially after the incident down there,” Meyers said.

And they’re will be armed security at Fireworks City in the final days before the Fourth of July.

“We’ll have officers in here licensed security carrying handguns,” Green said.

Police said there were three children in the suspects’ car. Green wondered if they were brought along to learn how to steal.