At least seven injured by firework in Imperial

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IMPERIAL, MO - A chaotic scene just after 9:30 p.m. Tuesday during a fireworks display in Jefferson County, as fire officials with the Rock Community Fire Protection District said a firework tipped over and shot towards hundreds of spectators at the Elks Lodge on Miller Road.

At least 7 people were injured, including an elderly woman, who was taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital.

Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Grimshaw said there was also a separate incident where a man blew off at least three fingers while lighting a firework at his home.

“When we arrived on the scene, there were so many vehicles from the people who were there and they had a hard time finding their way to where the patients were. The individual was lighting a mortar shell or rocket and instead of placing it in the pipe to light it, he lit it before he placed it into the pipe and it blew up and partially amputated part of his hand," Grimshaw said.

At this point, fire crews aren’t sure exactly how many people were injured, because some refused treatment or simply didn’t report it. Fox 2 News inquired about possible fines and was told the group didn’t have any class B fireworks, so a permit was not needed. In the meantime, officials caution people must read all of the instructions on a firework before setting them off.

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