Meet Moyo the Black Rhinoceros

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ST. LOUIS – He's quickly becoming a favorite at the St. Louis Zoo. But Moyo the Black Rhinoceros calf has yet to meet the general public.

But Wednesday the media got a chance to meet and greet the new baby Black Rhinoceros who was running around.

Moyo didn`t get far from mom as he was getting used to a larger enclosure.

Right now, he weights around 254 pounds, increasing his weight by six pounds a day.

'It has been very exciting to be working here with both Katie Rain and Adjabu and Moyo and seeing him learn all the different things it means to be a rhino,' says Jennifer Stirnemann, River`s Edge Keeper.

Junior will nurse for two years, keeping near his mother Katie Rain.  Lying down to nurse after a year old, because he`ll grow in size.

'Moyo will nurse for quite a while,' says Stirnemann.  'He is starting to venture into tasting different types of food and grouse.  They are herbivores so Katie Rain his mom eats mostly hay.'

Prancing and jumping in the morning wore out 7-week-old Moyo.

Rhinoceros are rare in numbers.

Sustainability was the reason for this birth working with the association of zoos and aquariums, this birth is a milestone.

'These black rhinos they are critically endangered,' says Stirnemann.  'There are only about 5,000 of them left in the world and so Moyo being born this year is very important.'

Under cloudy skies, this baby bounced around in forest park first thing Wednesday.

Viewing his surrounds, well a rhino doesn`t really see well, this is why keepers had to set up his surroundings.

'We`re baby proofing at home, and now we`re baby proofing at work and it`s been really exciting to see how all our work has come to fruition,' says Stirnemann.

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