Two injured in fireworks mishap in St. Charles

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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO – Two children are recuperating from burns suffered at a fireworks display mishap Tuesday night at a St. Charles church.

“There was a flash of light that enveloped the entire parking lot and you knew something went wrong,” said Colin Wellenkamp, who was at the event with his family.

Viewer cellphone video showed what happened after one display misfired and set off the remaining fireworks, all at one time according to fire officials. It was the sixth year in a row members of the Bogey Hills Baptist Church put on the show for the community.

“We do this as a way to build a relationship with people in our community,” said Pastor Coby Boyd, Bogey Hill Baptist Church. “We want this to be a fun event where kids have good memories.”

Two people were injured, taken to the hospital for treatment, and released.

“Sounds like all the injuries were minor,” said Captain Kelly Hunsel, St. Charles City Fire Department.

She said the church did everything by the book as far as putting on the fireworks show. They did not use professional fireworks, but instead the kind anyone can purchase.

“They were well within their rights. What they had purchased was from a stand, which is open for any residential use private use,” Hunsel said. “These are large fireworks and, for lack of a better term, they are manufactured explosives and anything can go wrong.”

As volunteers cleaned up the debris from Tuesday night, the Pastor Boyd has a message for those who were hurt.

“I want them to know more than anything we’re concerned about them and we’re praying for their well-being,” he said.

The pastor said they have not yet decided if they will put on a fireworks display next year .

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