St. Louis man surprises heckling waiter with ‘Gaston’ performance

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NEW YORK - A weight loss coach from St. Louis surprised a heckling waiter by joining him in a duet of the "Gaston" song from Beauty and the Beast. Charles D'Angelo was at a New York diner with his fiancé and ordered a large plate of pulled chicken. D'Angelo, who practices what he preaches, didn't order anything else. In good fun, the talented waiter, Jimmy Larkin, decided to dedicate a song to the, "muscle bound man."

Larkin didn't know that D'Angelo once weighed 360lbs. He lost the weight through diet and exercise. Now, D'Angelo makes a living by helping others lose weight. He has written several books on the subject.

The subject of the song, Gaston, is also a muscle bound man. But, appearances may be deceiving. The waiter posted the video and this message to Facebook:

"Yesterday was easily my favorite memory from work so far. A big muscle man came in with his friends and ordered a giant plate of pulled chicken (with nothing else on the plate). After trying to get the kitchen to understand who/what/why, I made fun of him in front of the entire restaurant and dedicated this song to him. It was my first time singing it at the diner because I've needed a partner to learn it, but just watch what happens...

Thank you for making my day and for being so insanely generous; there are great people out there in this crazy world and I feel lucky to work in a place that introduces me to so many and allows this kind of NONSENSE. Enjoy"