Parolee caught using ‘Whizzinator’ to beat urine test

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Robert Zarbo

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A 58-year-old Fenton man is back in jail after getting caught trying to cheat a drug test in front of a parole officer.

According to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the defendant, identified as Robert Zarbo, was required to provide a urine sample as a condition of his parole.

Per regulation, a probation/parole officer was present to witness the sample as it was provided. The officer noticed an elastic waistband and plastic tubing in Zarbo’s pants as Zarbo attempted to give a urine sample. The parole officer stopped Zarbo and told him to remove the device.

The device was identified as a ‘Whizzinator,’ which contained a bag with a clean urine sample, plastic tubing extending from the bag with a release valve, and an elastic waistband.

Prosecutors said Zarbo told the parole officer he’d been using methamphetamine recently and attempted to use the Whizzinator to pass the drug test.

Zarbo was charged with felony forgery and felony possession of a forging instrument.