Rosewood Heights firefighters go extra mile after saving man’s life

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ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS, Ill. – Firefighters are credited for saving a man’s life in Rosewood Heights, Illinois after his heart suddenly stopped.

The firefighters at the Rosewood Heights Fire Department are all volunteers, but one local man said these volunteers go above and beyond just giving up some of their time.

On June 21, Marty Pilcic started feeling sick and his wife Jeannie knew something was seriously wrong and called 911. Rosewoods Heights firefighter Bobby Spurlock heard the call come in and was right around the corner.

Spurlock said when he got there, Marty was unresponsive on the couch; about a minute later, Captain Jim Sellers and other firefighters arrived.

Spurlock said Marty’s heart stopped beating and the two men began chest compressions while the ambulance team arrived.

Doctors told Jeannie that Marty’s heart had gone into ventricular fibrillation and when that happens only five percent of people make it to the hospital alive. Thanks to the quick action of those firefighters Marty was going to make it.

After Marty was released from the hospital, Sellers and Spurlock showed up at his doorstep just to check on him. Marty said he doesn’t know how he will ever thank the men who bought him more time on Earth with the people he loves.