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Endangered Wolf Center takes in rare wolf pup

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EUREKA, MO - There is a new baby at the Endangered Wolf Center.  A Maned Wolf pup is coming here after becoming orphaned in Idaho.

She`s the newest resident at the Endangered Wolf Center in Eureka, Missouri.

Meet Lucky, an eleven pound Maned Wolf pup.

Regina Mossotti, Director Animal Care and Conservation Endangered Wolf Center said, “They`re named that way because they have a black streak going down their back that looks like a horse mane.  They`re a threatened species and we were able to help save her.”

Born May 5th at Zoo Boise in Idaho, she soon found herself on a flight to Washington D.C. for fostering at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

“So, Lucky was born into a litter of four but mom tried her best but lost three of the four and almost lost Lucky.  So, Zoo Boise made the tough choice to pull her out to save her.  And that`s when they asked us to step in.”

With help from the St. Louis Zoo, Animal Clinic of Clayton, A Mother`s Safe Haven and Wildlife Rescue Center, Lucky soon landed at the Endangered Wolf Center where it was a Labrador mix to the rescue.

“So, we enlisted the help of a domestic dog named Jackie who had a litter that was about Lucky`s age.  We introduced Lucky to her litter and Jackie took to her, raised her for five weeks, nursed her, cleaned her took care of her it was great.”

Lucky`s diet consists of broccoli, apples, sweet potatoes, meat and spinach.

The Endangered Wolf Center is hoping a male Maned Wolf named Nopal will play a fatherly role with little Lucky.

Maned Wolves come from South America and are native to Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Nicknamed the Fox on stilts, Lucky will grow into one of the tallest members of the canid family with a healthy curiosity.

“Maned Wolves are threatened and native to South America and losing their habitat through deforestation and loss of grasslands.  Most people don`t know what Maned Wolf is let alone that they`re threatened and we think Lucky is going to help change the story and push conservation forward for her species.”

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