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Wrigley sues vape firm alleging trademark infringement

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CHICAGO (AP) _ Chewing gum maker Wrigley is protecting its Juicy Fruit and Doublemint brand names by suing an e-cigarette manufacturer for allegedly appropriating the brands.

In the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, Chicago-based Wrigley alleges Chi-Town Vapers attempts to take advantage of the century old Wrigley brands by selling “Dbl Mint” and “Joosy Fruit” e-cigarette liquids. It says the liquids feature logos similar to the gum packaging.

Wrigley spokeswoman Michelle Green told the Chicago Tribune use of popular gum brands was “grossly deceptive and irresponsible.”

The lawsuit names Robert Wilson as owner of Chi-Town Vapers and Chi-Town Labs. He didn’t respond immediately Monday to a request for comment.

Wrigley seeks to bar sales of products “confusingly similar” to the Wrigley trademarks and profits obtained by Chi-Town Vapers through the alleged trademark infringement.
Information from: Chicago Tribune

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