Contact 2 lands St. Louis man big resolution with American Airlines

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ST. LOUIS - West St. Louis County resident Mike Daigle was traveling from Miami to St. Louis to go on week-long Baltic Sea cruise with his wife.

“We’re sitting there, patiently waiting to take off, and he says, ‘Guys, bad news. Our crew has timed out,’ and we’re going to have to take you back to the terminal,” he said.

Daigle said that cancelled flight led to a long wait. He eventually paid more than $500 for a ticket on the next morning’s first flight and slept at the airport with a trash bag as a blanket.

Despite his frustration, he said his biggest concern was making sure his checked bag arrived with him in St. Louis the following morning.

Inside that suitcase was his CPAP machine, asthma medication, and other medications he needed for the upcoming trip. Mike said American Airlines representatives assured him the bag would arrive with him in St. Louis the next morning, but it didn’t. With only a few hours to spare before departing for Sweden, Mike desperately gathered what medications he could.

“Got on the ship and my asthma said, ‘Uh-oh. I told my wife I’m in trouble. I can’t go anymore,” Daigle said.

He spent a few hundred bucks visiting the ship doctor. The whole ordeal gave the trip a black eye. He wasted no time trying to get American Airlines to make up for the madness in Miami.

“Basically, she said no, we’ve looked at everything and there’s nothing we can do. I’m thinking, wow!” Daigle said.

That’s when Contact 2 got involved. Reporter Mike Colombo contacted American Airlines. A representative told him she’d examine the case. A few weeks later, AA told Colombo it would honor Daigle's original ticket and refund his replacement ticket. It also refunded the money he spent on replacement medication and included a $500 voucher for the medical treatment he received on the ship. In all, American made it right with Daigle to the tune of nearly $2,000.

Happiness aside, this case serves as a good reminder to keep any medication or medical equipment you might need with you at all times when traveling instead of in a checked bag.