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Child death was inside home with 18 children

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WENTZVILLE, MO - A state investigation has found the three-month-old who died July 5th in Wentzville was in an illegal daycare.  State child care inspectors made the discovery after news reports described many kids leaving the home after the death.

The investigative report was generated by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).  It quotes a woman inside the home on Aspen Creek Drive as saying she “cares for more than 26 children at any one time.”

On July 5th, neighbors reported seeing a ton of police and a lot of kids.

Ja-bari Thomas said, “I saw people just bringing out kid after kid after kid out of the house.”

The DHSS report shows three adults inside with 18 children on that day.

The report lists:

  • 5 children were related to the provider
  • 4 children were related to (another woman inside)
  • 2 were related to the (provider`s boyfriend)
  • 7 were unrelated

Missouri law requires a license when caring for more than four unrelated children.  The caregiver reportedly told inspectors she`s been doing this for 1 ½ years.  The report also quotes the woman saying, “I thought about becoming licensed but I could not afford a fence.”

The report also quotes her boyfriend saying, “for you guys to say that we can`t care for more than 4 unrelated children in the home is absurd.”

I tried get answers at the door.  Off camera, the boyfriend told me he does not believe they broke the law because they had three adults inside and he thinks the rule about unrelated children applies to just one caregiver, alone.

No one is talking about how the three-month-old who died and investigators say they cannot release a cause of death until they close their case.

Wentzville Police are still investigating and haven`t yet turned over a case to the St. Charles County prosecutor.  Nothing in the state report indicates any mistreatment of the child who died.  State investigators only wrote a citation for having too many unrelated children being cared for inside.

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