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Missouri Democrats try again to stop in-home, nursing cuts

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jefferson city

Missouri Capitol Building in Jefferson City.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Some Democratic Missouri lawmakers are reviving efforts to prevent cuts to in-home and nursing care for the elderly and disabled.

The Republican-led Legislature passed a bill this year to restore funding for about 8,300 seniors and disabled people at risk of losing in-home and nursing care through a Medicaid program. But Republican Gov. Eric Greitens vetoed that bill.

In response, three House Democrats on Monday asked the state not to request a federal waiver to cut services. Democratic Springfield Rep. Crystal Quade and others also said lawmakers should try to override Greitens’ veto.

Lawmakers have a chanc at overriding the governor in September, but it’s unclear whether there will be enough support if there’s a vote. The measure passed the House in May without enough votes for an override.