Mom’s wish for letters from around the world for Wentzville boy battling cancer

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WENTZVILLE, MO - It's been just over one month since 15-year-old Sulley Menne was diagnosed with Leukemia in June.

"You think it must be the worst thing in the world and then you get it and it's the worst thing in the world" Sulley said.

"I thought he had a resistant bug or something and he would be fine" said Sulley's mom Mande.

"Maybe stay a couple of nights in the hospital but he would be fine. Never in a million years would I have thought they would tell me he had cancer" she said.

Now the 15-year-old high school sophomore is spending his summer vacation in and out of hospital rooms, feeling the ups and downs from endless rounds of chemotherapy and other treatment procedures.

"Just knowing your child has cancer it's scary" Menne said.

Turning that fear into a fight, the Menne's decided to start collecting postcards for Sulley to cheer him up as his treatments continue. They initially set out to get friends and family on social media to reach each of the 50 states.

But after that small wish went viral, the mail hasn't stopped.

From Iceland, to Antarctica, Colorado even a note from soldiers based in Qatar, Sulley is averaging a box of mail a day.  Some contain simple notes to say hello, others with unique gifts like military patches and tokens.  Then there are those with heartfelt notes from cancer survivors.

"They talk about how they had cancer and how they got through it" Sulley said.

Each piece of mail is completely different than the next, but each piece filled with love.

"It really makes you realize that there are still so many good people in the world and it makes me feel loved and it makes my son feel loved" Menne said.

"It helps me a lot because it helps me know I can get through it and everything" Sulley said.

Postcards can be sent to:

Sulley Menne

799 Autumn Bluff Lane

Wentzville, MO 63385

You can learn more about Sulley's journey at

There is also a fundraising page setup to assist with medical bills and expenses.