Police: Suspect connected to several carjackings in custody

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ST. LOUIS – A sigh of relief for people who live in Tower Grove after an 18-year-old was arrested in connection with several recent carjackings.

Police arrested and charged Dominick Higgins with two counts of kidnapping, first degree robbery and assault.

Monday night, some residents living in the South Garden Neighborhood came together to talk about the recent incidents and what they can do to help police prevent crime.

"Quite a few victims of high-profile robberies are sitting in their cars texting or working on their phones at night-time," said Sergeant John Winter to a crowd of area residents.

Detectives said the incidents were a crime of opportunity.

"We see a lot of times as people are getting into their vehicles or parking maybe that they are not paying as much attention to their surroundings as they should so I want to encourage them to know what's going on," explained Captain Angela Coonce.

Kristina Jackson said that the neighborhood association is encouraging residents to take part in what they refer to as 'block captain' in order to help police stop crime before it happens.

"It's neighbor being a good neighbor to another neighbor and being diligent," Jackson said, "I think this is a city-wide issue and I think it's a hot topic and I think as a neighborhood association and as neighbors we have to be diligent and be proactive."

Coonce said the most recent cases involving Higgins are still being investigated. She said detectives are working leads to capture two other suspects.