An Overland food pantry is struggling to survive

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ST. LOUIS — An Overland food pantry is sending out an SOS. Officials say that if they don’t get help the pantry will close by next month.

The Ritenour Co-Care Food Pantry fills the food gap for nearly 2,000 residents by providing fresh produce, meats and dairy items.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that donations have decreased and if it can’t find funding and enough volunteers it will close by August 19th.

The pantry is located on Lackland road. More information about how to get involved can be found at the food pantry’s website,

This letter was posted to the pantry’s Facebook group on July 21st:


The Ritenour Co-Care Food pantry will be closing on August 19, unless viable personnel and substantial funding appear before then. This board decision came about because the Rev. Marsha E. Brown, the executive director, resigned effective September 1 and Ron Bickerstaff, the Operations Manager could not take on more work. We do not have the funding to pay our bills longer than 2 months, nor the volunteers to run the pantry. We are unsustainable.

We cannot in good conscience take monetary donations now since we are closing. (We will take canned food!) If our situation changes we will announce it here and in the Localite Shopper paper and in the pantry and at that point would welcome funds of any amount. It costs us only $8 an overflowing grocery basket to provide this mostly perishable food, but we cannot charge patrons or solicit funds from them.

This pantry provides 1 and 1/2 million dollars of food a year to over 2,000 people once a month-that is 600 families living in the Ritenour School District. Losing this resource will be huge for our community and we all are greatly saddened by this. There is work being done to seek a way to stay open. If that happens we will let you know.

Peace to you all,

Rev. Marsha E Brown, director

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