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SharkFest 2017 to air nightly on Nat Geo WILD

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NEW YORK_ There are more than 500 species of sharks in the world but for some there`s really only one. The one used in the movie Jaws.

Great White Sharks are the ocean`s most iconic and feared fish. But as their numbers continue to rise on the east and west coasts, experts say, there's nothing to fear.

George Burgess, host of the National Geographic Channel, joined us live from New York with more on SharkFest.

SharkFest presents factual shark stories incorporating innovative research technology to reveal compelling insight on some of the most unique shark species in the world. It will air on Nat Geo WILD, nightly, through July 28. Showtime is 7 p.m. Central.

George Burgess is director of the University of Florida Program for Shark Research and he keeps the Shark Attack File. Burgess investigates all known shark attacks on humans, and compiles and synthesizes research about each incident. He likes to remind people that for every shark attack on humans, we kill 10,000,000 sharks.