Mrs. United States lends support to foundation dedicated to finding missing persons

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WELLSTON, MO - The "Looking for Angel Foundation" is getting some national attention after Mrs. United States 2017, Lauren Ziegler paid a very special visit to St. Louis to help raise the awareness of missing persons.

It comes as one local mother continues to search for her son who has been missing for 14 years.  " I'm going to fight until my last  breath," said Ziegler.

Those are the words from Lauren Ziegler; she recently won the title of Mrs. United States 2017.  The pageant celebrates married women from around the county.  She’s also a wife of a fire fighter and a mother of two children.

Ziegler is extremely passionate about her platform fighting against child sex trafficking and abuse.  The pageant winner also wants to help raise the awareness of missing persons across the country, "It's very easy to sweep the topic under the rug and you don’t want to talk about it, that's why the numbers are mounting every single year," said Ziegler.

Mrs. Ziegler's visit coincided with the “Looking for an Angel Foundation” walk to fight for voiceless missing persons.

Theda Wilson is the founder of the foundation.  It's been a long and difficult journey for Wilson after her 9-year-old son Christian Ferguson went missing 14-years-ago.   Wilson continues to keep the faith that one day Christian will be found, "I just looked at his picture the other day and I flip through other photos.  I can almost hear his voice right now," said Wilson.

"Because I care, just thinking about it and talking about it makes my stomach sick.  I'm a mother and knowing that she does not know where her son is," said Ziegler.

Ziegler wanted Wilson to know she not alone on her journey.