2 suspects under arrest for robbery at gunpoint in Monroe County

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MONROE COUNTY, IL - A Monroe County man wanted to sell his expensive phone on a website, authorities said instead the buyer robbed the seller at gunpoint. Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing said, “A lot of these different web sites, you don’t who is coming you don’t know who they’re bringing so meeting at your residence is probably not the best idea.”

The sheriff says that’s what happened when a Monroe County man tried to sell his cell phone on line. He lives in a rural part of the county. The buyer showed up late at night and instead of making the purchase he and his accomplice robbed the man at gunpoint.  The victim, who does not want to be identified, said, “To earn money to make a living you don’t rob people and put a gun in people’s face.”

The sheriff said 19-year-old Warren Collins and his 17-year-old juvenile friend were arrested. Collins is being held in jail on a $200,000 bond facing several charges including robbery.

The sheriff is in the process of adding more security cameras and this sign to let folks now they can make transactions at his headquarters.  It’s called a safe meetup place. Sheriff Rohlfing said, “It’s going to be safe and if it’s an individual who wants to take advantage of the situation they’re not going to meet you at the police department.”

He said Collins is suspected of similar crimes in Pontoon Beach and Cahokia. The victim in the Monroe County robbery supports the sheriff’s move to create a safe meetup spot.  He said, “Yeah, go to the police station, yes that’s the smart thing to do…honestly, I would say meet in a safe place no matter what.” The crime victim is a Marine who served in Afghanistan said with what he’s been through he was not scared during the hold-up.