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Warning: You need to protect your eyes with certified solar eclipse glasses

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There’s a warning from NASA about buying solar eclipse glasses.

You've got to buy the right ones so your eyes don't wind up paying the price.

There are just 20 days to go until the solar eclipse and the big Fox 2/News 11 solar eclipse party at the amphitheater in Jefferson Barracks Park.  People are really starting to focus on where to get solar eclipse glasses and how to make absolutely sure those glasses are safe for looking at the sun.

NASA reports counterfeit glasses are being sold.  They may not protect your eyes.

“There are different types of light:  visible, infared, and ultraviolet light,” said Don Ficken, of the St. Louis Eclipse Task Force.  “Those all, in different ways, damage your eyes…you can actually have damage and not even know you have damage until the next day when you get up and can’t see something for a while.”

The St. Louis Eclipse Task Force just got another big shipment of solar glasses that make it perfectly safe for you to look at the sun.

There are couple things that’ll let you know your solar glasses meet safety standards.

“If you look on the reverse side here, these particular glasses have an ISO certification, it doesn’t just say the word ISO, it’s actually got a number,” Ficken said.  “It’s also got one of the major manufacturers, their actual address right there.”

Make sure your glasses have an ISO number and manufacturers address printed somewhere on the frames, Ficken said.

NASA ( lists 5 manufacturers meeting safety standards:

Rainbow Symphony

American Paper Optics

Thousand Oaks Optical

TSE 17.

If you plan to take pictures, completely secure a lens from the solar glasses over your camera lens, Ficken said.

Also, wear the solar glasses over any eye glasses you may be wearing.

Do not use binoculars, even with solar glasses, Ficken said.

School administrators can apply on line for free solar glasses for students at .

There are about 150,000 pairs available, Ficken said.