The Bommarito Automotive Group 500 is coming to Gateway Motorsports Park

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ST. LOUIS — Just over three weeks from now ,the first ever Bommarito Automotive Group 500 will take place at Gateway Motorsports Park.

Gateway owner Curtis Francois just built a brand new multi-million dollar track. Thursday is the first time Indy drivers are on the track testing out pavement and tires. Initial feedback says the track is really fast.

“We have made big changes at Gateway, and its all for the good. We decided seven weeks ago to repave track.  We just finished that last week and everyone is excited,” said Curtis Francois.

Francois says the race needs local support, but more importantly, he adds that they are building a foundation for events for years to come. This is a major chance for St. Louis to shine on a worldwide stage.

“This is the first time all the cars and stars of the Indy 500will be here.  This is literally the largest sports event that has come to St. Louis,” said Curtis Francois.

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