Car crash turns birthday celebration into devastation for a St. Louis family

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CREVE COEUR, MO - Kacie Emerson's twin boys turned 1-year-old last month.

It was supposed to be a big celebration with her mom and dad driving to St. Louis from Iowa City bringing the birthday cakes.

"They called me and said they were going to take a different route through Illinois and they were going to stop and eat lunch because it was such a nice day," Emerson said on Friday.

Emerson went on to say that shortly after the phone call she felt that something didn't feel right.

"I received a call from the hospital that my parents had been in a very serious accident and it's the worst phone call you could ever get," said Emerson.

According to the Jersey County Sherrif's Office, 34-year old Harry Kirk of Jerseyville, crossed the center line of Illinois Route 16, near Route 100 and collided head-on with Randy and Jo Emerson's SUV.

"She (Jo Emerson) has punctured lungs, she has a broken neck, a broken foot she lost a kidney," Emerson described while she visited her parents at Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur.

"My dad has three dislocated disks in his back, he has a broken leg that they had to put a rod in," she said.

Kirk who was also injured along with his passenger wasn't arrested on the scene.

But according to the Secretary of State, Kirk never should've been driving.

The office said that he hasn't had a driver's license since 2012, which is the same year he received a DUI conviction.

Kirk hasn't been charged in the accident but is being held on $50,000 bond for driving while revoked.

"That decision that he made that day has done so much impact on my family," Emerson said, "it's been really hard seeing my mom fighting for her life and for my dad the last week has been awful. Seeing your parents suffer is the worse thing you can ever see."

There is no information yet as to what caused the accident but FOX 2 is told that alcohol was not suspected.

In the meantime, Emerson has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for her parents' medical expanses.

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