Loop Trolley project asks St. Louis County for additional 500,000

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO - The long awaited, widely anticipated trolley along the Delmar Loop is still not open to the public; four months after the first cars rolled into St. Louis and four months after the project's anticipated March completion date.

"It's going to happen" said developer Joe Edwards. "It's going to happen this fall and I would love to see it up and running right now" he said.

Edwards says despite being a little behind track, the project is moving full steam ahead and has seen a lot of success.

"We've been working very closely with the Federal Transit Authority and they want to be very safe, as do we" said Edwards. "Some of the checklist items are still being checked off and they will be in this next month and a half and then testing will start in a few weeks" he said.

Now, Edwards is also seeking more money from the St. Louis County Council as the project nears completion. In 2015, Edwards requested $4 million for the project, but the council granted $3 million. Edwards plans on asking the council for $500,000 more to serve as a buffer and safety net; ensuring the trolley- once running- remains successful.

"Now we're asking for that midway point- that $500,000 jut to bring it up to that point where we know it's going to succeed and we'll have enough resources for those first three years when it really takes off" Edwards said.

Edwards is hesitant to announce a new opening date for the trolley just yet, but he's hopeful for late fall. And while you wait to see the cars on the tracks, Edwards says be ready to be blown away.

"This is the first one, we have to show and make sure this works" he said.