St. Louis man gets 75-years in prison for an execution-style murder caught on surveillance camera

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BELLEVILLE, IL – A St. Louis man gets 75-years in prison for an execution-style murder caught on surveillance camera.

The surveillance videos are from two angles.  One of them is just too graphic to show.

Tony Hampton, 27, will likely die in prison.

St. Clair County State’s Attorney, Brendan Kelly, hoped the video and the sentence would send a clear message that such a level of violence was simply intolerable.

Hampton did not respond to reporters leaving the courthouse after sentencing.

Hampton and his cousin, Tiye Allen, gunned Malik Robbins of Berkeley, 29, outside of the Bottoms Up strip club in Brooklyn, IL, in December of 2015.  The video showed Allen shooting at a distance from behind a car.  Hampton then walked up to Robbins after he was down and repeatedly shot him in the head, point blank.

“The defendant walks up to the body after the first couple of shots hit he victim, the victim falls down to the ground to try to protect himself,” Kelly said.  “This defendant walks over to him and shoots in the back of the head at least 7 times.”

Hampton’s attorneys made a motion for a new trial before sentencing.  A psychiatrist testified Hampton still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from child abuse, plus an intellectual disability.  His IQ was just 65.  He also said Hampton used marijuana and the drug Ecstasy daily.  His mother, a drug offender, gave birth to him in prison.  He spent much of his youth in a group home in Hazelwood.

“It’s really sad,” said defense attorney, Diedre Brock-Moore.  “He was born in prison.  Based on the sentence of 75 years unless something happens in the judicial system where something is overturned and a new decision is made, he will die in prison.”

She said Hampton could be rehabilitated with proper treatment.

“The defendants lied in wait for about 20 minutes. They knew what their target was,” Kelly said.  “They waited for the victim.  When he came out they surprised him, began shooting at him.  As the victim was lying face down this defendant shot the victim in the back of the head and neck multiple times.  This was an execution…it is rare to get this type of video.  What you see on that video is disturbing.  It’s an extreme act of violence.”

Robbins was unarmed.

He leaves behind a wife and children.

His mother told Fox2/News 11 she was glad Hampton would not be able to hurt anyone else.

Hampton's cousin, Tiye Allen, got a 60-year sentence.

The motive for the murder is still unknown.

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