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This man really loves Stag Beer

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ST. LOUIS – Rob Girardier is the beer baron of his south St. Louis home.

'This is where we eat food but it`s still packed full of Stag stuff so the whole thing is like a shrine to Stag.

This gateway city resident has a garage that will catch your eye and wet your taste buds.

And a mahogany front door that makes it clear he`s a Stag man.

This is an old Griesedieck Brothers in the black and red.  Anything in the black and red is before 1957 and the bottoms are pre-1957.

From rare Mr. Magoo storyboards for Stag beer to lots and lots of neon lager signs, Rob is a fan of all things Stag related.

'It`s delicious,' says Girardier.  'I like it, its good it`s just fun and then it got to be fun they have so many cool collectable things you can get.

The Stag beer brand dates back to 1851.

The Western brewery of Belleville, Illinois produced Stag and a collection of memorabilia that is simply intoxicating for Girardier.

Although, he hasn`t been collecting his entire life.

'Seven years,' says Girardier.  'Just when AB and Inbev merged is when I started collecting.'

After abandoning other St. Louis beers, Girardier spent a few bucks on the male deer beer brand.

A fan of the malty character of the beer and the advertising and signage that came with it, Rob is showing no signs of slowing his skills of acquiring ale accessories.

'People leave stuff on my porch all the time,' says Girardier.  'I`ve had hats left on my truck and antlers left on my truck.'