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2-year-old struck and killed in driveway near Carlyle Lake

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KEYESPORT, IL -New details emerged Tuesday in the death of little boy near Carlyle Lake in Clinton County, Illinois.

He was hit by a vehicle and killed in the town of Keyesport, IL, authorities said.

The Clinton County Sheriff’s Department identified the boy as 2-year- old Jensen Voss of Beckemeyer, IL.

Somehow, he slipped out of his mother’s Chevy Suburban just before she pulled forward in the driveway of a friend’s house, investigators said.

“The Clinton County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call,” Sheriff, Dough Maue, said.   “It was a frantic caller – basically said there was a child struck by a vehicle in the village of Keyesport.”

Keyesport is a small town on the Clinton-Bond County line but is known across the St. Louis area as a “lake-town” nestled with its marina along Carlyle Lake.

There are few police calls there and perhaps never one as a heartbreaking as this.

That 911 call came about 2:45 pm Monday afternoon.

Investigators gave this account:

The little boy climbed out of his mother’s vehicle while she was closing the rear hatch; she didn’t see him as she pulled forward in the driveway; the mother and a witness were performing CPR when first responders arrived and tried saving the little boy as well; it was already too late.

“Somehow the little boy was in front of the vehicle,” Sheriff Maue said.  “We don’t know what, he was playing, whatever but he was in the path of the vehicle when it started to roll forward…there’s blind spots everywhere around a vehicle, truck, car, whatever, it doesn’t matter…we had Bond County, Greenville Ambulance there, Keyesport first responders, Air Evac … we’re all human.  We’re parents ourselves.  Whenever you have a child involved it’s traumatic for the first responders, too.”

Though detectives were investigating, it appeared to just be a tragic accident; so much so that counseling was made available to those who responded to the scene, the sheriff said.